Sometimes Microsoft gives us features that we didn’t ask for. You may have noticed a new button on your taskbar that tells you about the weather. If you’ve put your mouse over it you’ll also have seen the sprawl of information that Microsoft calls the “News and interest” feature!

This feature aggregates news, traffic updates, stocks, and more. It can be helpful – but for anyone who thinks it’s an eyesore more than an aid here’s how to turn it off:

1. Put your mouse cursor on the taskbar. The taskbar is the line that goes all along the edge of your screen.
2. Right-click on the taskbar. Use the mouse button on the right of your mouse to click.
3. A menu will come up. Look near the top of the menu. An entry labeled “News and interests” will be there. Put your mouse cursor over this entry.
4. A second menu will pop up. On this menu move your cursor over the “Turn off” entry and click on it. The feature will now be turned off.

If you change your mind follow the above instructions again but on step 4 click on “Show icon and text” instead of “Turn off”.

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