Power bars are great, they let you greatly expand the amount of devices connected to an outlet but did you know that there are things you shouldn’t plug in?

We’re MyTechGuys so we’ll start with the tech stuff: don’t plug in a laser printer. Ink based printers are fine, the problem is that the laser printer uses almost as much power as a toaster when it runs. You may even notice the lights flicker when a laser printer turns on.
How do I know if I have a laser printer?
You can tell which kind of printer you have by the supplies you load into it. If you replace a cartridge that’s the width of a piece of paper then you’ve got a laser printer. If you replace a cartridge that’s the size of a matchbox you’ve got an ink based printer.

What do you do when you’ve unplugged the printer? Ideally you have an outlet free nearby. With a bit of juggling you should be able to trade the printer’s connection with whichever device is plugged into the wall.

Which other devices should I unplug?
Toasters, microwave ovens, refrigerators and freezers, coffee makers, slow cookers, hair dryers and hair curlers, air conditioners, or a second plugged in power bar can overload a power bar. Each power bar is rated for a certain capacity and plugging any of the above devices into one will reduce its lifespan or cause an accident. Plugging in another power bar will also overload the first because it was not made to have so many outlets plugged in. Better to call an electrician and have more outlets installed than to have a power bar cause a fire or break another one of your devices!

Did you know?
MyTechGuys sells power bars! We have regular bars, power bars with extra capacity, and power bars that include a built in battery for your computer or other devices so that they won’t turn off and you won’t lose your work in the event of a power outage.

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