Thanks to our customers who donate used iPads, tablets, phones and other electronics with life still left in them!
Your old electronics are put to good use – After we erase, clean and optimize them, we are able to gift them to non-profit societies. This helps My Tech Guys mission to keep electronics out of the Land Fill while helping our community.
This iPad was refurbished by our techs, so we could donate it to the Comox Valley Transition Society!
For more than 30 years, Comox Valley Transition Society services have grown and they continue to fill important needs in the Comox Valley, such as:
– Offering Outreach Services for women, children and families who are unsheltered or struggling through poverty;
– Partnering with the RCMP to provide Victim Services to those individuals who are victims of crime;
– Working with the Comox Valley Coalition To End Homelessness, operating and managing the CONNECT Warming Centre;
– Offering several supportive and educational groups for girls, men, and grandparents raising grandchildren.
Thanks to Heather Ney and her team for all they do for families in the Comox Valley. You can visit for more information.
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