Rick was originally born in Florida, USA. Spending much of his childhood there as well as in Arizona and moving between the two states every few years. During this time he grew experienced using computers and teaching himself how to repair and maintain them for his family.

His natural curiosity towards fixing things and figuring out how they worked would lead him to learning more about both analog and digital electronics – even when most of the world was transitioning to digital. For him, any device can prove to be useful if given the right circumstances. Often choosing to show friends and family how to use older tech in newer environments for the fun of it.

He eventually made his way out to Seattle, Washington and started work within the local tech industry there. Providing both phone and email support for various national companies such as Amazon and Comcast, with even some time contracting for Nintendo of America. Drawn to Seattle, ultimately with the interest of being closer to the border to make it easier to visit his future Comox Valley spouse before finally making the move to Canada in 2019.

Now in 2021, he looks towards the future with My Tech Guys and to continue providing excellent support and service for all.

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