Originally from Winnipeg, Cory has been fixing computers since he was a kid. He took computer networking in college and began refurbishing computers for a non profit organization, which gave the computers to schools and libraries.

After CFSL he moved on to the biggest tech shop in Winnipeg called Powerland Computers. Since he worked on lots of laptops at CFSL, he was promoted on his first day to run the laptop department.

Once had has spent a few years at Powerland working next to an engineer he wanted to move on and came to the Comox Valley for a vacation. Cory handed out some resumes to local business and got a job at Excel College teaching A+ and Network+.

Cory spent 2 years of teaching, before he was headhunted by My Tech Guys and has been fixing 15 computers a day ever since. As the Lead Bench Tech, Cory provides Apple Warranty Certified work, and any PC or laptop specialty repair.

Now Cory is located at our Courtenay store from Monday to Friday.

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