A few of our team members proved they could take the heat for a good cause in March, with the Paqui One Chip Challenge. The chip in question is one of the hottest tortilla chips on the planet – Generously coated with blistering hot Carolina Reaper dust and a formidable blend of other hot peppers and pepper extracts, it isn’t a feat for the faint hearted.
When our brave geeks heard of the challenge, they knew it would be a perfect opportunity to raise some money for YANA, a charity close to the hearts of My Tech Guys. Travis Switzer and Cory Jesmer wanted to set out to consume the capsaicin laden chip, and if they raised $1000, last one hour from consumption without eating or drinking anything to dampen the heat. What fun would that be without live streaming the event for all to see? My Tech Guys launched the event online using BeLive in order to stream directly to multiple platforms at once, and the GoFundMe page went live.
Raising $675 on the fundraiser page, My Tech Guys happily topped up the funds to hit the $1000 goal. Travis and Cory went live on March 19th at 7pm. It was a spicy spectacle, there was laughter, there were tears, but our geeks made it through. After one hour passed, they logged off for a much needed glass of milk.
Would you do the One Chip Challenge?
Next year the chip might be even more daunting, but that won’t scare us away. We’re already talking about making this an annual event!
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