My Tech Guys are friendly, trustworthy, approachable geeks serving the North of Vancouver Island. We deliver expert guaranteed service and provide unique, high quality products through our two stores and our fleet of oddball vehicles packed to the brim with tech tools to make your tech problems disappear. Being an Apple Premiums Service Provider, and an Apple warranty Center means that we are not only the friendliest geeks in town but among the most skilled. Let us take care of you technical concerns, either in the office or at home, and feel safe in the knowledge that you have the best geeks on the job. Click here to get in touch with us today.


My Tech Guys Inc. has the best employees in the Comox Valley.  Please click on a staff member name to read more about them.

Travis - The Robotics Geek
  • Regional Manager
  • Completed Apple Sales Training
  • As smart as he is tall

Travis was raised in a small town in Ontario called Frankford. He escaped in 2008 and has been traveling Canada since. Spending time in most of the major cities west of Toronto, he eventually found his way to the Comox Valley where he has decided to settle down for a while.

When he isn’t tinkering with some sort of robot he is usually reading old sci-fi books or playing a game. His favorite authors include Asimov and Herbert. He is always eager to talk about an old book or a new technology.

Travis is located in our Courtenay Store, Monday – Friday.

Kell - The Movie Geek
  • Courtenay Sales Manager
  • In-store PC lessons
  • Customer Service Extraordinaire
Kell ShepherdI’ve lived in most major cities in Canada from coast to coast. And now living in Comox, I joined the MTG family over two years ago and have worn many hats with the company, from a bench tech, road tech and now full time sales in our Courtenay store.

As much as I love to watch movies my greatest pleasure is keeping young with my daughter who was adopted from China in 2003.

Frank - The Recycled Geek
  • Courtenay Sales Manager
  • Gaming Setup Expert
  • New School Tech from Old School Salesman

Frank BiermannBorn in Berlin, Germany (West at the time) and immigrated to Canada with my parents 3 years later.

Growing up and graduating from high school in the Eastern end of Toronto. Enjoying such stimulating school activities such as Math Club, Chess Club and Bowling Club.

Best part of growing up in that area was having a cottage north of Toronto. We enjoyed that haven for 27 years, every weekend and holidays. Making lifelong friends and taking in the pleasures of boating, fishing, water skiing etc.

After graduation I enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces. Yup, the good old army. Six years of service with the 1st Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment stationed in London, Ontario. Traveled to many parts of the world including UN Peacekeeping mission in Cyprus (Google it).

Along the way I fathered 2 children (Brad and Danielle) who are all grown up now and have their own families.

I came to Vancouver Island on vacation 16 years ago and fell in love with the area, which reminded me of cottage country, and the people and made the decision to move here 2 years later.

Working for various companies such as Brian McLeans Chev/Olds and Price’s Locksmiths (Campbell River).

Always having an interest in computers, I did volunteer work for CVCISS (Valley Links) a non-profit organization which are active in community support services. I helped maintain their website as well as fixing donated computers for donations to other non-profit organizations and for outreach communities supported by Valley Links.

Through Valley Links I became involved in and eventually managed the computer recycling facility, CompuCycle, in Cumberland. During the four years of operation, CompuCycle, with the aid and support from Valley Links, recycled older computers to keep them from our landfill, as well as refurbishing computers for donation or resale to non-profit organizations and the under privileged.

Unfortunately due to the Provincial Government new recycling program, CompuCycle could not continue with its endeavour to help the community and the environment.

Looking to stay in the computer field, I approached My Tech Guys and offered my services through employment.

While waiting for a job opening, I did my stint in, SHHHHH, Future Shop. Although my career in Future Shop was short lived, I did have the opportunity to get acquainted with all the new tech “toys” available.

FINALLY!!… I get the call from My Tech Guys to come in for an interview for the position of in store manager.

WOOHOO..they liked me..whew

I am very happy to have found a home here with My Tech Guys and to serve the community and customers to the best of my abilities.

Cory - The Super Geek
  • Chief Bench Technician
  • Certified Mac Warranty Specialist
  • Expert in All Things Tech

Cory Jesmer

Originally from Winnipeg, Cory has been fixing computers since he was a kid. He took computer networking in college and began refurbishing computers for a non profit organization, which gave the computers to schools and libraries.
After CFSL he moved on to the biggest tech shop in Winnipeg called Powerland Computers. Since he worked on lots of laptops at CFSL, he was promoted on his first day to run the laptop department.
After a few years at Powerland working next to an engineer he wanted to move on and came to the Comox Valley for a vacation. Cory handed out some resumes to local business and got a job at Excel College teaching A+ and Network+.
After 2 years of teaching he was headhunted by My Tech Guys and has been fixing 15 computers a day ever since. As the Lead Bench Tech, Cory provides Apple Warranty Certified work, and any PC or laptop specialty repair.

Cory is located at our Courtenay store from Monday to Friday.

Jean-Luc - The Francophone Geek
  •  The Francophone Geek
  • Remote Service Technician
  • On his way to help someone at this very moment!

    I’ve been working with computers since I was a little kid. One of my earliest memories was when I accidentally erased one of my dad’s 
    macaddict magazine floppy disks, losing my favourite version of Pac-Man. Since then, my life has been inextricably linked to computers.

    Over the years I have acquired all sorts of skills to fix computer problems. Those skills came into play a lot when I worked at the Salvation Army. I noticed all the computers that we were sending away to be broken down and diverted them to the sales floor instead, after having reset, fixed, and improved them.

    Now at MyTechGuys I’m flying from one call to the next, helping the citizens of the Comox Valley and surrounding area!

Rick - The Restoration Geek
  •   The Restoration Geek
  • Vintage Car Enthusiast
  • Road Technician
Rick was originally born in Florida, USA. Spending much of his childhood there as well as in Arizona and moving between the two states every few years. During this time he grew experienced using computers and teaching himself how to repair and maintain them for his family. His natural curiosity towards fixing things and figuring out how they worked would lead him to learning more about both analog and digital electronics even when most of the world was transitioning to digital. For him, any device can prove to be useful if given the right circumstances. Often choosing to show friends and family how to use older tech in newer environments for the fun of it.
He eventually made his way out to Seattle, Washington and started work within the local tech industry there. Providing both phone and email support for various national companies such as Amazon and Comcast, with even some time contracting for Nintendo of America. Drawn there ultimately with the interest of being closer to the border, making it easier to visit his future Comox Valley spouse before finally making the move to Canada in 2019. Now in 2021, he looks towards the future with My Tech Guys and to continue providing excellent support and service for all.
Jordan - The Hobbit Geek
  • The Hobbit Geek
  • Protege of All Things Geek
  • Sales and Marketing

Having taken a keen interest in computers from a young age, she has studied web development, social media marketing, as well as photoshop and graphic design. A tried-and-true veteran of customer service and administrative work by day, and a devoted fan of things such as video games, cooking, virtual reality, chess, and Tolkien by night.

In this new chapter, Jordan is thrilled to learn and grow with My Tech Guys. She is excited to serve the people of the Valley as a sales associate, as she develops her skills with software, computer repair, and the ins and outs of server maintenance.


Wanna be a Geek?

Thinking of joining My Tech Guys Inc? Although there are several positions available at MTG, most employees are required to do work in more than one area. Besides having a great sense of humour, employees must be fast learners yet patient with customers that are not.

Testimonials – KUDOS

Kudos (IPA pronunciation: [‘kju:dɒs][‘ku:dɒs]), from the Greek κύδος kydos (literally “that which is heard of”) means fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement; by extension is often used as a praising remark. My Tech Guys Inc. prides itself on having excellent technicians and administrative staff that are not only good at getting the job done, but are passionate and give the customer a positive experience. If you have a story or employee you would like to write about, please send a message and we will add it to this page.

Bob The Extreme Geek

A Wonderful Experience

I had the wonderful experience of meeting Erica this afternoon. You need to hold on to her, she is a keeper for MTG!!! We come from similar backgrounds, (I, too, am a Valleylinks alum (the early days- think I was either in the first or second group), and she and I just hit it off. I am so glad to see more women doing what has been traditionally male-oriented, and employers who see that. Will have to run into you one day and catch up!

Kat Curtis

MTG customer

Zeiss Experts!

Thanks Guys! We will recommend you guys to my customers when they ask me for IT support company.

Super Service.

Peter Cho

Territory Manager, Carl Zeiss Canada

I’ll let others know

Hi There,  I really appreciated the time and work that Mitchell did yesterday and am having fun seeing changes on my screen.  Someone in the company has done a great job in hiring as Mitchell is a very easy to talk to, knowledgeable, helpful person. I won’t hesitate in letting others know. Cheers, Dorothy Salter

Dorothy Salter

MTG customer

Computer Hero!!!

Just wanted to let you folks know we had a problem with our point of sale program. We have an older PC 486-33 running Windows 3.1 and lost our program manager. Bob was able to get us up and running and pointed out a number of possible improvements we could easily make. Good on ya Bob- you’re now a hero in our books.
Samson's Eco Clean, Courtenay

Laptop Love!

I recently took my laptop to a computer repair shop in Courtenay – simply because it is very close to where I work. Well, they told me first off that it was more than likely the hardrive.  I left it there for over a day and they still “had it up next on the bench”, so I got tired of this and went and picked it up.  I took it to My Tech Guys and one of the techs asked me what was happening with it, said “oh this is probably an easy fix”, picked it up, took out something (I’m no techy), cleaned it, put the piece back in and fired up the laptop!! And it worked!!! When I asked how much, he said oh nothing!!! So, I finally got him to take $5.00 (all the cash I had) for their training “slush fund” and left with great service and a working laptap.  Far cry from 24 hrs, still no service – not even a phone call!, and being told it was probably the hard drive … Keep up the GREAT work guys!!!!


Professionalism & Community works

I’ve worked with MyTechGuys for several years, both for work and for personal repairs. Bob and the whole crew are fantastic. They also give back a ton to the Comox Valley, donating their time, equipment and services to festivals and countless other events. Highly recommended.

Alex Dirigible

Fantastic in & out, no hassle experience

Fantastic in & out, no hassle experience – my favorite kind! My old Lenovo died and I needed a replacement fast. My requirements were business friendly power (I’m not a gamer), good quality and a brand I can trust. Went to FutureShop and London Drugs before My Tech Guys and got lost amongst the washing machines, TVs and everything else, not to mention barely being acknowledged by the mindless drones who work there. Arrived at MTG, greeted at the door, shown the goods, discussed options between PC & Mac, was offered an open box item they had used for volunteer work they do in the community (another big plus!). Walked out the door 20 minutes later with another Lenovo that was completely set up for a great price. Thank you! Shop locally people…support these people, they deserve your business.

JP Obbagy

Thank You

I very much appreciated watching the live telecast of the Comox and Courtenay candidates debates. Thank you.
Many friends including myself do not have local Shaw coverage and are looking for ways to be informed.
Have a great evening.



Congratulations ! AS ex- residents of Ships Point we were serviced by Scott Swanson when we acquired our first computer.You have come a long way since the beginning of service .Excellent customer service.
We are now back in Toronto , but we have not found any computer service as good as yours.

Keep up the good work.

Stan Shikatani

Friendly and knowledgeable

Very friendly, very knowledgeable. Fast and extremely helpful service. These guys have been lifesavers for me on numerous occasions, they are your best bet for local Tech Support.

Karen McKinnon

McKinnon Photography

A shout out

I have to give a shout out to the fella’s at My Tech Guys, which is the computer store on Comox Avenue and Church Street.
Last week these guys came to my rescue and fixed a little glitch in my computer. My assistant Marlis’s computer took a dive this morning and Marlis was feeling pretty low, but she just called and the My Tech Guys saved the day – again.

The computer is a huge part of being a photographer and when it isn’t happy, we get pretty stressed.

If your computer needs love, these folks are your answer.  Thanks you for taking such good care of us!

Karen McKinnon

McKinnon Photography


I just wanted to congratulate you on your choice of employees!   Mitchell was at my home yesterday setting up my new laptop for me.  He was courteous, professional, efficient and answered all my questions with language I could easily understand.  Lastly, he arrived on time as per the scheduled appointment.   In the future I will not hesitate to call your company for computer assistance or use the MTG Remote Support icon that Mitchell has set up for me.


Great Sense of Humor!

Hi Bob:
Cory at your shop put a new 1 TB hard drive into our computer and its all working great.  I was very happy and impressed with the professional service I received and I have already started recommending your store to my friends. Your guys also have a great sense of humor!

Thanks so much


5 Star production!

Congratulations to Bob Wells and My Tech Guys for the absolutely first-class live streaming video webcast of the City of Courtenay’s all Candidates Public Forum from the Filberg Center this evening (Nov. 7/11), which I watched on my home computer. The video and sound quality was excellent and the close-up shots of the candidates was even better than if I had been sitting there in the audience! 5 Star production!
Well done guys!


Brian was Informative, Competent, & Courteous

Yesterday I had a major problem with a scanner that wasn’t working.

Brian paid a visit to my home, and fixed matters and explained re: the scanner and adobe (which the scanner includes as part of its own program, sort of).

I initially flinched at the hourly fee when I made the appointment, but by the end of the hour I concluded that it was money well-spent, indeed.

Brian was informative, competent, and courteous, and is a credit to your organization.


John C

A Large Bouquet to My Tech Guys

I would like to throw a large bouquet to the My Tech Guys for their patience, professionalism and courtesy over my major (to me) computer problem.  All the staff that I came into contact with were excellent.  The computer is now up and running thanks to My Tech Guys.

The Record Newspaper

Good Service

Thank you for an amiable and professional service call.
I thought good service was a thing of the past.
Thanks, Erica for helping to reduce my Shaw bill…what a bonus!
I will not hesitate to recommend your company to others.

Frank C

Mac Magic

Hi Bob

I just wanted to thank you for going out of your way to have my Apple computer running smoothly.  I am sincerely grateful as I am under the sun on my deck on Denman working on it as we speak, and as the saying goes..I’m loving it.
Peace to your family

Audra Fayad

Fix Building Products

Mobile Phone Saviours

My iPhone was wiped during a storm while charging and updating, it was a possible power surge and Apple Support sent me to My Tech Guys. Having traveled from out of town for help I was impressed with their level of commitment to solving my problem the same day. After about 3 hours of “intensive care” my dead iPhone was revived and restored from iCloud. I appreciated the explanations that came with each step along the way and the extra help in updating my old iPhone. I depend on my iPhone for various aspects of my business as well as personal connections. Grateful!


Sarah Boyes

You Support your Community

Just a quick note to thank you for making the all-candidates forums available to those of us who couldn’t attend.  You have provided a very valuable service, and it shows how much you support your community.

I will be sure to remember that when seeking help with my computers.


Outstanding Customer Service

Hi there, I recently bought an iPad from your Courtenay store. Kell Shepherd served me in your Courtenay store for both the shopping / looking visit and for the purchase of the iPad a few days later. He provided outstanding customer service and made me feel very comfortable while helping me link my PC and Apple experiences together in my brain… I was so impressed with his ease at explaining things in a manner that I could “get”. He is a huge asset to your business. I will continue to recommend your business to friends.



Thank you so much for doing this! I was not keen on leaving my warm home tonight as I’d been out most of the day, so to be able to watch the All Candidates Meeting in the comfort of my own chair was just the best.


Professional, Friendly, and Competent

I just wanted to give a shout out to Cory, the guy who fixed my computer. He was professional, friendly, and competent. I felt confident that I was getting great service.
I live in Campbell River and my wife and I run a business and we will be bringing all our computer needs to My Tech Guys.

Exceeded my Expectations!

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated Xander’s visit with your Spring Clean program.  He sorted out things that I have been wrestling with for ages, helped me with my new iPad Mini, and gave good advice.  He is great!  My experience in your Courtenay store has always been superb but Kevin’s service call exceeded my expectations!  Thank-you!


You Guys are Wonderful

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and appreciation for your company, and Joel in particular, who went above and beyond the call for me 2 weeks ago when my home/office computer crashed just as I was preparing to take a 5 day holiday from my law practice, and had innumerable tasks to complete before departure. Joel was knowledgeable, efficient, hard working, focused and extremely compassionate, even taking my computer home overnight to sort the problem, he is a credit to your company which I will absolutely use again. You guys are wonderful, thanks again so much.


5My Tech Guys was started in 2006 by Bob Wells and Scott Swanson to provide “Friendly in-home Computer Service” in the Comox Valley.  Opening a store in Comox, BC, My Tech Guys started with four employees and grew to 15 in less than four years.  Focusing on in-home service, they were amazed at how successful their retail sales were of their premium products at the end of their first year.  My Tech Guys has had its share of difficulties, but customer support has kept the team striving to be their best.  They opened their second store in late 2009 and become an Apple Authorized Reseller, further increasing their premium product line.  Aside from providing great customer service, they also support several local non-profit organizations such as RotaryCVCDA (Comox Valley Child Development Association), Elder CollegeCYMC (the Comox Valley Youth Music Centre), Habitat for HumanityHospice, and YANA (You Are Not Alone).  My Tech Guys has truly earned the title of “Friendliest Geeks in Town!”


When My Tech Guys started in July 2006, there were already at least 14 computer companies in the Comox Valley, including the big box stores.  The banks and Community Futures thought the market was already saturated and weren’t able to see the unique service My Tech Guys would offer their clients.  So Bob and Scott decided to start the company using their own money.  Their marketing was simple, Baby pictures on their business cards and the sides of their funky vehicles. They were blown away at the positive response they received and how busy they were becoming.  Then, six months after opening their store, Bob’s wife gave birth to twins in Victoria.  Due to difficulties, the twins had to stay in intensive care for four months, which meant Bob had to stay in Victoria with them and try and help Scott run the business long distance. 

At the end of the 1st year, My Tech Guys had over 1000 customers and was recognized as one of the Best New Businesses by the BC Chamber of Commerce.  Despite the difficulties, My Tech Guys still made it through its first year and Bob and Scott decided to hire a business coach, Ron Berry, to help build the business.  Ron was able to get Bob and Scott to improve the business in ways they never could have imagined.

With all the excitement of the first year, Bob and Scott looked forward to a quieter second year. However, shortly after Bob returned to work Scott’s wife had their 3rdchild so Scott took some time off work to spend with his newborn son.  Within a month, Bob and his wife were in a car accident totaling one of the company’s new vehicles they imported from Japan and causing Bob to miss another two months of work due to injuries.  Bob returned to work but had to reduce his workload significantly to manage his injuries.  Although it was a hectic and difficult time; My Tech Guys continued to grow and doubled their customers to 2500. They also won the 2008 MISTIC Best IT Services Award on Vancouver Island, further supporting their vision of a computer company focused on service.

In their third year, My Tech Guys continued to offer outstanding service and products, which resulted in winning the 2009 Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award.

My Tech Guys focused on expansion in their fourth year; opening a second store in Courtenay and becoming an Apple Authorized dealer further increasing their premium product line.  Staff increased to 12 with dedicated sales, ordering and management positions to help streamline the company.  My Tech Guys increased their customer base to over 5000 and doubled their revenue from the year before.

The fifth year started with winning the coveted Best Float Theme in the Canada Day Parade.  We also then moved to a more retail friendly area in Courtenay on Cliffe Ave.  The new Flag Ship store continues to focus on selling premium Apple and ASUS computers as well as being an Apple Authorized Warranty Repair Centre.

The future of My Tech Guys is as certain as their commitment to their customers. 

Scott has left My Tech Guys as the stress of running a busy company was affecting his health. We wish him the best and will always be indebted to him.  We are focusing our immediate growth in the Comox Valley as well as offering our services to neighboring communities like Campbell River, Qualicum and Parksville.  The new, bigger store that is centrally located on Cliffe Ave, replaced our store on McPhee, offering more convenience for our customers.  Our Comox Store is still located in the heart of Comox in the Post Office building.

In 2021 we celebrated the My Tech Guys 15th Anniversary and are proud to have over half our staff here for more than 5 years providing consistent, high quality service to our customers.

Over 18,000 Customers and still growing to ensure the best and friendliest service on Vancouver Island!


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